A role-play summer creativity camp inspired by the Harry Potter series!

Dust off your wizard's cloak and enter an exciting world of magical creatures, powerful wizards, and mysterious spells! 

Primarily a creativity and character development curriculum, Frogwarts School of Wizardry will take campers on a journey through science, math, reading, writing, and acting. All attendees, staff included, take on a role-playing wizard persona.

The most magical aspect of Frogwarts, and what sets it apart from normal summer camps, is the development of a story, dramatized in real-time by campers, staff, and guests. Students use their critical thinking, imagination, and role-play skills to act along with the drama, which is designed to guide students through a process of questioning good versus evil, right versus wrong, to the triumph of compassion, creativity, empathy, and fun!

Frogwarts enriches the lives of youth during camp--and throughout the year--by providing a memorable experience which cultivates the creative, emotional, and imaginative intelligence in campers.

This program  was made possible by a grant from 
McGraw HIll Education !  

Thank you!!!  

Professors Bumblebone and Underbottom are looking forward to welcoming the following wizards to Frogwarts 2018:  

Longbeard, Skittle, Riko, Croh Eldrich, Fin, Juniper Blue, Ming the Thing, Florian White, Magistrate, Lord Eryav, Horntail, Miss Matched, Cosmo, Thunderligentiger, Xavier Black,  Inigo Montoya, Maple, Tink Omnipita Herbal, Buttercup, Adora, Freyja, Psyche, Elizabeth, Ame, Yuki, Talula Kye, Sapphire Indigo Spirit, Irusan, Lazarus, Melody, Twila, Thor, Kazikai, FerretTale, Thorne Dragonfriend, Brae, Matilda, Fox, Windra, Levethix, Nastenka, Fossil, Basil, Ceridwen, Artemis, Emaline, Tree Spirit, Maleficent, Alut, Colette, Gilthunder, BlueBell, Willow, Pan, Poppy, Cross, Cat Wizard, Gwenevere, Nameless, Thomas Temmyr, Benno, PeeWee, Kabob, Gandolf, Snowflake, Violet, Little Dog, Willowazmus, Crookalis Itchybottom, Inferno, Paris, Pythron, Azlan, Phoenix, Thor 2, Athena, Seagull, Eros Van Pelt, Bossomeus, Andromeda, Tails, Navi, Lux, Amber Night, Estonia, Sabre, Timble


Registration is now open for Frogwarts 2018. Sign up by February to receive a $50 discount.  By April 1 to receive a $25 discount! Click here to register and for information about camp fees. 

Our Location

Frogwarts School of Wizardry Creativity and Role-play camp will be held at Camp Little Cloud, in Epworth, Iowa! Click here for directions.

About Frogwarts

Campers select a wizarding name and attend classes such as Care of Magical Creatures and Defense Against Darkness. Learn more!